Fence Repairs

Over time, wind and rain breaks down the integrity of our garden fence and sooner or later it will need repairing or replacing.

If only a small piece of the fence has been damaged, it seems a shame to have to replace an entire longer section just for conformity or structural integrity.

If the rest of the fence is in good shape and perhaps just needs more fixings, then why not try and repair the damaged piece and make good the rest.

This is especially the case when garden borders are stocked with beautiful shrubs and plants that would need to be disturbed to replace fence sections or panels.

It is not always the case, especially if the fence has fully collapsed. However if it is possible to make structual repairs to the panels and posts before more damage is caused, then let’s do that.

As your local Liphook Handyman I am not going to try and sell you new fence panels if they are not needed. I always prefer to repair and maintain an existing fence if at all possible and therefore negate the need to seriously disrupt shrubs and plantings or risk damage to them.

Ask me to check your fence lines as part of your garden maintenance.

I offer more than a fence repair service

As the Liphook handyman, I offer a comprehensive service for all your home and garden requirements.

As a Liphook local, I know the village and surrounding areas like the back of my hand, having being born and living here for most of my life.

In addition, I have extensive CCTV security knowledge and experience from working at a security solutions company in Surrey for 20 years. I therefore can advise and install a CCTV security system to protect you and your property.

So whatever you need fixing or maintaining around your home or garden, it is worth getting in contact and let’s see what can be done.